'I am' Affirmations Picture in Frame

'I am' Affirmations Picture in Frame

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This sleek frame with an affirmation photo is an excellent gift for those who want to feel positive. 

One can repeat these words daily to help boost your confidence and self-love; because you're amazing!

The frame can be hung on the wall or placed in your favourite room where you'll be reminded often. 

The text can also be personalised. Once you've placed your order, you'll receive a form where you'll insert the necessary information. 

What can I put on there?

  • A poem
  • Personalised affirmations
  • Gratitude list etc.

8x10 inches or 20x25 centimetres.

How long will it take to be delivered?

If you're a UK customer, you'll receive your order within 1-3 days.
If you're outside of the UK, you'll receive it within 7-10 days.