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Founder and CEO Miss Cassandra Dyer gratefully brings to you the Cassiscreative website offering her design services, products, coaching and authentic storytelling.

It's more than just a web address, Cassiscreative is a relevant statement and actionable brand. Equally important, it represents this unique and kind individual; derived from her loving nickname 'Cassie' and her ambitious, creative ventures. Cassiscreative is profoundly her own.

Growing up, Cassandra has always been an aspiring and innovative individual; she would attend and perform at local auditoriums around Britain. When she wasn't doing this, she would find herself reading books by Roald Dahl and Jacqueline Wilson; this is where she believes her love for writing started.

Born and raised in Birmingham, England; these sweet, humble beginnings were integral for embodying her future.
With her loved ones she shared her dreams and with great encouragement from her father she began to shape her aspirations into reality. Fast forward to 2017, Cassandra made one of her dreams come true by teaching herself how to self-publish. Soon after she published 'Success with the wrong queen', the first of many.

Though most of us can relate, Cassandra spent many times contemplating her purpose, but always knew she wanted to be different and stand out from the crowd.

2012 saw her complete studies in Electronics then went onto the University of Bournemouth where she studied an Industrial Design degree. This helped expand her creativity and knowledge.
Studying did not stop Cassandra from her creativity in storytelling. It was here, in her first year of university, she started writing the 'Love and Success' series and engrained her love for design. 

Cassandra is excited to work or connect with you. 

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