Self-publishing masterclass for beginners
Self-publishing masterclass for beginners

Self-publishing masterclass for beginners

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Want to write a book but you're not sure how or where to start?

This masterclass will certainly help! Cassandra Dyer has carefully designed this masterclass to help first-time authors. Not only does she focus on preparing you for the writing industry, she focuses on your mindset - teaching you how to rid any fears, how to clearly determine your goals and how to profit from your book. 

What does this bundle include?
Three separate videos totalling 90 minutes of recorded content to watch in your free time and tasks to help you start and write your book at your own pace.

Bundle breakdown:

Video 1: Creative mindset to start your book. 
- Learn how to get over your fears and rid anxiety
- Learn different techniques to get into 'writing-mode'
- Learn how to write in the time you have available, how to start your book and clearly define its purpose.

Video 2: Piecing everything together.
- Learn how to title your book and write your synopsis without giving the book away. 
- Receive tips on how to have an eye-catching book cover and receive advice on using professionals in the industry plus more.
- Learn how to protect your precious masterpiece.

Video 3 - Getting your book out there.
- Learn about the different platforms your books can be sold and receive tips.
- Learn different ways to market and make money from your book.

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